ASSL Party ( 12 February 2009 )


Event organized by ASSL (Association of Free Software Support) of the Polytechnic University School of Mataró.

In that event was presented the Neo Freerunner from Openmoko by TuxBrain, a company from Barcelona.

Sacra was invited from TuxBrain to show the possibilities of development with this device away a free phone.

It was showed a little game like "Neverball" physically with the movement of 2 servos with arduino, the values of servos come from the accelerometers of Neo.
On the other hand, it was also showed with two displays (with leds) the inclination of freerunner in grades.


Movie 1/2
Movie 2/2

Presentation of Arduino by Sacra
Presentation of MokArdu by Sacra
Presentation of Neo Freerunner by Methril

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