Campus Party Valencia 2009 ( 27 July 2009 - 2 August 2009 )


Campus Party is a gathering of tech and entertainment network, much more than a LAN Party founded in Spain in 1997 and which focuses on amateur science, particularly Europe. Is conducted annually at various locations in Spain.

Sacra went to party, he is member of ARDE, a spanish association of robotics, he colaborated to make a physical lamp switched on virtually through the official web of the association.


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01_ARDE.jpg 02_ARDE.jpg 03_first_smd.jpg
04_better_car.jpg 05_ARDE_president.jpg 06_some_bots.jpg
07_Robby.jpg 08_Julio.jpg 09_galateas.jpg
10_picnic.jpg 11_the_lamp.jpg 12_the_lamp.jpg

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