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- Introduction
- History
- Current state
- Devices used
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The name comes from Laberinto(Labyrinth in english) ido(suffix that means descendant).
Victor Remolina was the first who called it Laberintido.

The first prototype to testing Neo Freerunner + Arduino.


We have to build something to show on the ASSL Party 2009.

Vitor Remolina thought about anything like a flat platform moved with servos.
The moviment of servos become from the values of accelerometers from Neo Freerunner.
I just remember the Neverball game, so Laberintido borned.

The design was drastically simplified because of free time problems.

On the other hand, i also showed with two displays (with leds) the inclination of free runner in grades.

Current state:

This prototype is totally obsolete.

Devices used:

· Common servos of modelism.
· Neo Freerunner.
· Arduino Duemilanove.


First test:

Next test:

Movie of ASSL Party 2009