The name comes from Open Tanque(Tank in english).

The project is aimed to experience with sensors in a land vehicle all terrain with a transmision of carterpillar type.

On the next project all the experiences adquired with sensors will be end in an UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle),
that was the original prototype, too dangerous make first tests on an aerial vehicle. ;)


I bought a 1/24 tank in first instance but I had dimensions problems. It was very small for the project.
On March I bought a 1/16 tank and currently I'm working on it.

If you want to see the original 1/24 model go here.
If you want to see the original 1/16 model go here.

The model, I'm working on, have the transmission and the gearbox metallic, you can see here the optional addons.

Current state:

Because troubles with this prototype( explained on cube prototype ),
it was cancelled and all electronics was puted on the cube prototype.

Devices used:

· Barometric Pressure Sensor.
· Magnetic Compass Module.
· Ultra-Sonic Ranger(2).
· Digital Thermometer(2).
· GWS Piezo Gyro(2).
· Brushless Motor(2).
· Brushless Speed Controller(2).
· Conceptronic Funcam.
· Compact USB Hub.
· Neo Freerunner.
· Arduino Duemilanove.
· Arduino Mini.


  Hardware diagram:



Click on the photo to enlarge.

01_original.jpg 02_original.jpg 03_motors_installed.jpg
04_motors_installed.jpg 05_base_cleaned.jpg 06_base_cleaned.jpg
07_arduino.jpg 08_Neo.jpg 08_turret_original.jpg
09_turret_cleaned.jpg 10_turret_cleaned.jpg 11_scp1000.jpg
12_turret_all.jpg 13_camera.jpg 14_switches_usb.jpg
15_srf05.jpg 16_fans.jpg 17_gyros.jpg
18_turret_solded.jpg 19_turret_mounted.jpg 20_turret_mounted2.jpg
21_turret_finished.jpg 22_base_solded.jpg 23_all_finished.jpg
24_closing1.jpg 25_closing2.jpg


Download burning left engine